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Media Services

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Today’s brand building utilizes the right combination of social, online, and traditional marketing techniques. CT Media can put together an effective plan for your business with the right combination of solutions and training to reach your return on investment goals.

Design Services

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Impressive web design and creative print design are crucial, but knowing how all the pieces work together and having the technical savvy to implement them sets CT Media apart.

About Us

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CT Media has unparalleled technical implementation, extensive creative design services, and progressive marketing techniques. Please check out the CT Media Mediarticulate Blog to see what we have to say about Website Design and Onlone Marketing.

Media Services

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From traditional public relations to today's newest online strategies and reputation management, CT Media can get your business’ name to the right people and protect it from the wrong ones.

Your company may have an existing presence on the web that you would like to expand, adjust, or refine, or you may just be planning how to take your business to the next level by using social media or with a website. CT Media will manage your daily activities for you, allowing you to focus on your core business competencies, helping you create guidelines so that your staff will learn to manage your social media with a consistent voice, and providing ongoing consulting to answer any questions that may arise. No matter what your level of need is, CT Media will provide a solution to help you grow your return on investment in the volatile social media world.


Branding & PR

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From creating impactful print materials to managing your online reputation, CT Media will help you make your brand more accessible for your customers. We can even help you design events that will get press coverage, and we will follow up with the media afterwards. The CT Media staff will use our public relations experience and knowledge to maximize your advertising strategy.

Design Services

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Effective graphic design engages your customers to make them want to learn more about your business. At CT Media, we understand that good design starts with us learning about our client and what makes them stand apart from the competition. We will use our staff's design experience, technical knowledge and creative proficiency to create the best look and feel for your project.

Web & Graphic Design Services

  • Web page design, including layout, navigation, user interface and image creation
  • Logo, business card, print materials and web graphics design (i.e. Facebook sidebars & custom browser icons)
  • Marketing, banner, and trade show materials design
  • Custom graphic design services

Our Design Process

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Our design process begins with a client consultation, where we discuss the goals, needs and requirements of your project. Then our experienced staff will work with you to complete the design project in a proficient and timely manner. CT Media will ensure you are satisfied with the final results, and will provide the ongoing support necessary for the long term effectiveness of your project.

About Us

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Most design and marketing firms will tell you that they are experts on how to use the internet to drive customers to your business. What they are really selling is the same old Marketing 101 techniques dressed up in a shiny new wrapper. You didn’t build your company’s reputation overnight, so you should not expect to build your online reputation in a few days. We here at CT Media know the real secret to effective online marketing: being smart and working hard.

CT Media started out as part of a Massachusetts IT services company, Charland Technology, when our owner found that his clients often needed help managing their online presence. What began as a service for building web pages was then augmented with marketing professionals who not only have a strong traditional background, and are experienced in the areas of online and social media. We became a separate division in late 2011.

What we offer our clientele is unparalleled technical implementation, extensive creative design services, and progressive marketing techniques. Let us put our expertise to work for your business.

Our Focus

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Regardless of the size or type of your business, our focus is on providing you with innovative marketing to make it more visible and the proper technology systems to make it more efficient and protected. CT Media, and our parent company Charland Technology, will assist you with your online marketing, social media, design and business technology needs.

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